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Recovery Foundations

Intensive Outpatient Addiction Recovery Program

Intensive Outpatient is a structured treatment program for individuals struggling with addiction. Unlike residential treatment programs, Intensive Outpatient allows you to continue living at home.  With Intensive Outpatient treatment, you maintain your daily routines and commitments while embarking on the path to recovery.  Recovery Foundations integrates rehab and recovery into your busy daily life.

Recovery Foundations provides:
    • Intake/Evaluation Session (in person or via Zoom).
    • 3 Weekly In-Person Group Therapy Sessions.
    • Weekly Individual Counselling Session (In person or via Zoom).
    • Online self-paced “Between Session” material.
Maintain Your Personal Responsibilities

Recovery Foundations allows you to get the help you need without taking time off work or explaining your absence to others.

Apply the Recovery Skills You’re Learning in Real-Life

Long-term recovery happens in real-life situations – those everyday situations that can trigger thoughts and urges leading to substance use or problem gambling. Recovery Foundations provides you the opportunity to develop and practice recovery skills in real-life scenarios, with the support of an experienced addiction counsellor.

Is this Right for Me?

Recovery Foundations is ideal for individuals 18 years of age or older who require more than weekly or monthly outpatient support and do not require immediate withdrawal management.

Evidence-Based Services

Recovery Foundations provides evidence-based Cognitive-Behavioral treatment.

No Fixed-Length Program

Our main focus is on your personal recovery. Fixed-length programs often overlook the fact that recovery is a unique process for each individual. Some people may progress faster, while others may need more time to develop the necessary skills.

No Wait List

If you don’t require medical detox there’s no wait to start the program. If you do need medical detox, you can begin as soon as it is completed.